23 June 2016

black grape - 'shake your money'

My favourite track on what remains an incredibly good album and I love the reference to the legendary line from a Troggs out-take 'sprinkle a bit of fucking fairy dust over the bastard'.

y la bamba - 'ostrich'

Some new and very cool Mexican folk? Don't mind if I do.

yuksek ft her - 'sweet addiction'

The weather maybe pants at the moment but the good music just keeps on coming. I love this track, so funky and smooth.

21 June 2016

sigur rós - 'óveður'

We've waited a long time for this...a new Sigur Rós video. As barmy and beautiful as ever. The world is a better place with these chaps in it.

hugo race fatalists - 'the power of you and i'

Imagine Leonard Cohen jamming with Mazzy Star, Nick Cave and Alabama 3 and you have the new Hugo Race Fatalists album (sort of!). I love it, my new favourite album of 2016.

19 June 2016

london posse - 'money mad'

British hip-hop pioneers London Posse here with one of their classics. They were criminally under-rated, you know.

son lux - 'you don't know me'

Now here's a strange thing. This is a track titled 'You Don't Know Me' featuring Olga Bell but the new Stranger Forms EP from Son Lux has it down as 'You Don't Own Me' featuring Hanna Benn. I'm confused but the tune is the absolute business whatever and whoever features on it!

sun city girls - 'el solo'

If you've never heard this tune before then sit down and give yourself a treat. It's just wonderful.

fawnn - 'nosebleed'

There's no disguising the Pixies influence on the new Fawnn album 'Ultimate Oceans', this tune in particular. A great start to a beautiful morning.

18 June 2016

sóley - 'i'll drown'

Taken from one of my favourite Icelandic albums, here's the incomparable Sóley. 

algebra suicide - 'true romance at the worlds fair b/w in bed with boys'

It doesn't get more art-house than this, 80s New Wave meets spoken word. ydia Tomkiw at her very best.

the bachelors - 'please don't touch'

The better known recording is of course by Girlschool and Motorhead back in the early 80s but this is the 60s original from The Bachelors who, despite the surf sound came from Dublin.

17 June 2016

bark - '38 (feat. allan rand)'

I'm not sure what to make of this track by NY duo Bark but it is certainly captivating. I like it!

mari wilson - 'just what i've always wanted'

If you don't like Mari Wilson then I don't think I want to be your friend.

movienite - 'leisurely pace'

Gothenburg will forever be associated with dream pop as far as I'm concerned but here's a strictly guitar rock band from that city ready to question my prejudices. It's a lovely 90s-inspired, languid summery track with a great groove to it.

pascal pinon - '53'

Icelandic minimalist-folk duo and sisters, Jófríður and Ásthildur Ákadóttir haven't recorded together for the last 3 years but there's a new album, Sundur, due and this is the first track from it. I'm a complete sucker for this kind of folk music. I could listen to it all day and never tire.

trevino - 'defektor dub'

Heavy Mancunian techno isn't new, the likes of 808 State have been doing this for years, but it is always good. Here's a brand new release from Manchester producer Trevino taken from his new album 'Front' out on Bandcamp.

dan mangan - 'whistleblower'

He's released his Unmake EP only hours ago so this is the first listen for me and I'm mightily impressed. Here is a man at the top of his game and world-weary at all this depressing news.

16 June 2016

linkwood - 'love lost (musephased by area)'

I heard this for the first time on a live set from a friend and it was the highlight of the entire set for me. It's such a slow-burner but my goodness it gets you going. Absolutely love it.

patrice bäumel - 'surge (original mix)'

Let's carry on the techno vibe with another brilliant tune.

rex the dog - 'you are a blade'

Just so beautiful. Who says techno has no soul?

rory hoy vs kitten and the hip - 'i'm ur mf (dirty vocal)'

I was very excited earlier to read that a new Rory Hoy collaboration with my hometown of Brighton rockers Kitten and the Hip is in the offing but sadly I can't find any links yet so let's make do with this super-smash from 2013. Fuck yeah!

the low anthem - 'pepsi moon (at wbru homebru'd sessions)'

The song has been around for a few years but it's now on the new Low Anthem album, the first in something like 5 years. It's been too long, chaps! Let's not leave it so long next time, eh?

townes van zandt - '(quicksilver daydreams) of maria'

Some music remains timeless.

the avalanches - 'colours'

This is their 2nd release from the forthcoming 'Wildflower' and it's a huge improvement on 'Frankie Sinatra', the 1st track. This is just dream-pop heaven.

15 June 2016