13 December 2014

oren ambarchi - 'salt'

A very chilled out end to a very pleasant Saturday.

the smiths - 'half a person (unreleased john peel session)'

I recently discovered this John Peel version of, possibly, my all-time favourite Smiths song. Oh, those lyrics are just so beautiful.

12 December 2014

tim burgess - 'oh men (the other two remix)'

'The Other Two' refers to Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert from New Order. I haven't heard much from them of late but they've teamed up with Tim Burgess to produce this rather bubbly little remix. 

I can't stream it so you will have to go to the Soundcloud website here to listen to it: https://soundcloud.com/timoburgers/tim-burgess-oh-men-the-other-two-remix

08 December 2014

father john misty - 'chateau lobby #4 (in c for 2 virgins)'

I particularly the interlude with trumpet and violin on this track. Just beautiful.

shivery shakes - 'one more try'

Keeping with the indie-rock vibe here's a great catchy pop tune from Austin band Shivery Shakes. More than a passing nod to Britpop, I reckon.

07 December 2014

sugarcubes - 'blue eyed pop'

Oh yes! What a fine track. From the album that changed completely how I thought about music.

purity ring - 'push pull'

Ah, this is quite lovely too. The new track from Purity Ring.

edit - 'ants'

One of my all-time favourite tunes, this is Glitch Hop at its most perfect. I just adore this song, so much depth and soul to it.

loefah - 'midnight'

Often regarded as the lost dubstep track - the one that got so much critical acclaim in the clubs but never available to the general public, it's finally getting a 180g limited edition release. I love that bassline.

academie - 'sulphur'

I'm not sure what genre this is (chillwave?) but it is rather lovely. Think Sigur Ros and you'll be in the right ball park. It's quite beautiful and builds and builds rather wonderfully.

06 December 2014

fka twigs live in session on kexp

Here's a great full-length performance of one of the hottest British acts around at the moment. Magnificent performance from FKA Twigs!

kirsty maccoll - 'a new england'

Haven't heard this in a long time.

05 December 2014

julie byrne - 'butterlamb'

The comparisons to Beth Orton are quite legitimate although Julie Byrne is perhaps a little more lo-fi. A very beautiful tune indeed.

jungle - 'julia'

This was the backdrop to my making the dinner this evening and very lovely and chilled it is too. From a great 2014 album.

protomartyr - 'want remover'

Has an American band sounded any more like Nick Cave? This is a corking tune, reminiscent of The Bad Seeds back when they did 'edgy'.

lanu - 'beautiful trash'

Something light and frothy to buoy us up for the weekend, you say? Ohey dokey...

04 December 2014

bob montgomery 1937 - 2014

He was Buddy Holly's best friend and co-wrote many of the early Cricket tunes including Heartbeat and Wishing before carving out a very creditable career of his own. A sad loss to music. Here he is singing with Buddy Holly.

spoon - 'inside out (tycho remix)'

A rather superb remix I think.

hiss golden messenger - 'lucia'

Another album that I heard of late this year was Hiss Golden Messenger's 'Lateness of Dancers' and it's a quite stunning little album. If you like folk with an edge then this is for you.

ty segall - 'mister main'

What a miserable day today. This should cheer you up.