23 November 2017

daniel o'sullivan- 'the projector'

Better known as one half of Grumbling Fur, this is from his recent solo album.

sundowners - 'find out for yourself'

Top tune!

nerina pallot - 'better'

Here's a cracking song from Ms Pallot.

weaves - 'grass'

Another great album of 2017 was Weaves 'Wide Open'. 

mark eitzel - 'the last ten years'

A great songwriter and even better guitarist. This is from his 2017 alum 'Hey Mr Ferryman'.

paul draper - 'can't get fairer than that'

Taken from the 2017 album Spooky Action, here's Paul Draper channelling New Order with this superb track.

warshmelew - 'arumishi (original mix)'

I don't listen to enough minimal techno. 

jim white - 'here i am'

His new album is as good as anything he's released. Highly recommended.

the bar-kays - 'you can't sit down'

Brilliant tune.

19 November 2017

ocs - 'the baron sleeps and dreams'

Top tune from their new album.

frida sundemo - 'it's ok'

It really is, you know.

pale honey - 'lessons learned'

Who doesn't like a bit of shoegaze?

pp arnold- 'the turning tide'

The 'new' rediscovered album has been a treat.

the new candys - 'excess'

Love this track. Very retro.

julien baker - 'sour breath'

I'm still trying to get my head around her new album. This, the title track from it, is particularly good though.

diron animal - 'kema'

Great stuff from the Angolan outfit.

kevin morby - 'dry your eyes'

Great tune for a Sunday.