22 May 2015

bang gang - 'silent bite (radio edit)'

Icelandic singer/songwriter Bardi Johansson (aka Bang Gang) has teamed up with Helen Marnie, the lead singer with Ladytron, for this guitar-driven track that's certainly got plenty of bite to it.

lightning in a twilight hour - 'the passerby'

Better known as Bobby Wratten from the Field Mice, he's got a new album out and it's as good as anything he's done before. 

liam hayes - 'fokus'

Taken from his 2015 album 'Slurrup'.

blur - 'go out'

I wasn't particularly taken with this track when I first heard it but it's growing on me a lot, the more time I give it. It doesn't really go anywhere as a tune, just seems to be stuck in 3rd gear and I think this doesn't help but perhaps that's its subtlety.

jacco gardner - 'grey lanes'

This instrumental tune has a lovely cinematic quality to it, I'm imagining some sort of French film with lots of sitting near cafe windows, smoking whilst looking out of windows and then a cut to a montage. 

Yes, I need to get out more.

thousand - 'the dark'

I love this tune.

21 May 2015

jamie xx - 'gosh'

I'm so glad this track is an absolute belter and no mistake because the release very recently of 'I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)' put me in a deep funk because it was so bloody awful. It gave me a bad feeling about the rest of the album so I went out of my way to find a stream of the first track 'Gosh' from the new album and hope that it wasn't a bad 'un. Thankfully, as you can listen for yourself, it's more than okay. Normal service resumed and all is well with the world!

the acorn - 'influence'

They're a completely new band to me but came across them randomly in a review of their new album and after a little hunting down on Soundcloud, I've got to say that I'm mightily impressed. They've got a very clean but meaty sound to them with a lot of warmth and soul too.

shaun ryder - 'close the dam'

A brand new solo track from the main man released under his initials 'SWR' and it's a quite brilliant tune. No surprises that it's about drugs but it's also damned good, more Happy Mondays than Black Grape in my opinion, it's got that lazy, mid-party feel to it rather than the Black Grape-style in your face tune. 

20 May 2015

shamir - 'on the regular'

Fantastic tune from a name that you'll undoubtedly here lots more of over the next year, for sure. It's great to hear an American - and one from Las Vegas no less, break free from EDM and it's big drops and superstar DJs to make music that you can dance to, even if as in my case it's around the living room.

regal degal - 'delicious'

There's something delightfully poppy in this track that harks back to the 80s but not that it has that 80s retro sound to the instrumentation - it's more how unashamedly lifting and exultant the tune is especially as it builds around the chorus. It reminds me in a big way of Stephen Tin Tin Duffy. It's from their new album 'Not Now' which is out err... right now!

shilpa ray - 'burning bride'

Here's a new name for me - Ms Shilpa Ray. Her new album 'Last Year's Savage' was released very recently amidst great critical acclaim none more so than Nick Cave who sings her praises profusely. I'm impressed with this track from it. Her style is a dark almost Gothic, almost operatic way that lends itself so way to some great story-telling. No wonder Nick Cave likes it.

crazy p - 'cruel mistress'

London dance trio, Crazy P's new album 'Walk, Dance, Talk, Sing' is fantastic. Fresh, funky, funny and irresistably catchy.

19 May 2015

mbongwana star - 'shégué'

They hail from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and this is their debut album, out yesterday. It's very atmospheric and sounds like they've chucked the kitchen sink at it. There's no denying their African roots which are played loudly and proudly but there's also a fair bit of bleeps, whistles and breaks that lift it from anything that you might have heard previously. Great stuff!

ibeyi - 'river'

I blogged about these Cuban twins a few months ago and since then I'd put the album out of my mind much to my shame, it's a damned good album. Thoroughly recommended.

two gallants - 'fools like us'

And an album that gets better with every listen. It is rather good.

daniel knox - 'incident at white hen'

The internet's been down so I've been catching up with some of the new 2015 albums. Now we're back online I can share the love! Here's the first track.

18 May 2015

portico - 'brittle (feat. joe newman)

I don't know too much about this London band but they released their 5th album 'Living Fields' last month and it's impressed me from the first listen. They specialise in a sort of baroque/orchestral pop with lots of atmospherics and folk that could easily lead them down a Sigur Ros route. 

twin peaks - 'mind frame'

I do like it when a band gives their fans something back. Chicago band 'Twin Peaks' released a free album of the demos for their debut LP 'Wild Onion' recently for their fans. It's called 'Mind Frames' and the quality, considering they are demos, is pretty good. Here's one of the standout tracks from the 2014 album.

bernard + edith - 'young woman'

They've built an enviable reputation in their native Manchester for intelligent, understated electronica and finally they've got an album to show for it too 'Jem' which was released earlier this year. Surprisingly, it's slipped a bit under the radar and I hope that the critics and movers and shakers do pick up interest because they deserve a far wider audience. 

my morning jacket - 'hillside song'

This features as the bonus track on their latest album and a lovely, mellow acoustic number it is too.

prefuse 73 - 'applauded assumptions'

I've had a soft spot for experimental hip-hop ever since I heard the likes of edIT and the Glitch Mob, so when the 3 new Prefuse 73 releases (2 EPs and a full album) for 2015 were first mooted I was very excited indeed. It's got everything for me, a beautiful symmetry to the music, it's minimalist, clean and crisp but with so much hidden under the surface that keeps me going back for more.

16 May 2015

nick cave and the bad seeds - 'the ship song'

He may have gone off the boil in a big way but this still remains one of the greatest tunes ever written. It brings me to tears every time I hear it.

14 May 2015

autopilot - 'battles'

Here's a band that has had my attention now for some time. An old-fashioned guitar driven band with catchy tunes and a fantastic sound.

mini mansions - 'freakout!'

I do like their latest album, their best yet in my opinion.

bo ningen - 'slider'

The Japanese/London quartet are quite brilliantly mad. I don't think anyone out there is making the kind of music they play.