21 September 2014

spookyland - 'rock and roll weakling'

Definitely on the rockier side of a Sunday morning, here's Aussie 'Spookyland' with a corker of a tune and a great video to accompany it. Big shades of Brit Pop and in a good way too, think Cast and you'll see where I'm going with this. It's a real get up and go tune, which is just as well because I have things to do!

moon city boys - 'rockets'

Here's a new one from one of Stockholm's hottest bands of the moment. These boys certainly love their Velvet Underground if this track's anything to go by. Sleazy garage pop at its very best.

bunny sigler - 'theme from five fingers of death'

From one band that captured that Philly sound to someone who was instrumental (quite literally!) in developing the sound - Bunny Sigler. This is a forgotten classic, 1973 never sounded funkier.

the three degrees 'when will i see you again (tom moulton remix)'

My favourite ever disco tune is perfect for a Sunday morning. Sheila Ferguson's voice...oh boy! Heavenly.

19 September 2014

voigt & voigt - 'tischlein deck dich'

What a tune! Great techno from the ever-reliable Kompakt Records label.

the 2 bears - 'work (st. etienne remix)'

If this is the music that you listen to as you commute to work then you're going to have a good day indeed. 

18 September 2014

kahimi karie - 'david hamilton (st etienne remix)'

This blast from the past is a bit of a collector's item.

pele - 'texture'

A slightly more frenetic minimal techno tune than I usually like but the urgency in this is so good and when the tune really gets going it really gets going!

gruff rhys - 'the swamp'

Can this man do no wrong? I think not.

björk - 'declare independence'

If Scotland declares independence then I can apply to become a Scottish citizen thanks to a Scottish grandfather. Thanks, but no thanks. This Björk track from 2007 needs to be played today though.

17 September 2014

terror bird - 'eyes without a face'

Now this is what I'm talking about. My favourite Billy Idol track covered by Vancouver's Terror Bird who had one of my albums of the year a few years back. Her sparse 80s-inspired lo-fi electro-pop pushes every one of my buttons. Beautiful stuff.

poliça - 'chain my name (kauf remix)'

The lead track from their 2013 album given a great new makeover from Kauf.

leonard cohen - 'nevermind'

He's back....I've had a listen of the new album and it's top notch. Once again, biting lyrics, female harmonies and the gravel voice. The inimitable Cohen voice. I particularly like the use of the Arabesque backing singer. Apparently it's Madonna's old backing singer Donna De Lory; she sounds great.

johnny cash - 'get rhythm'

..when you get the blues, get rhythm!

15 September 2014

death vessel - 'ejecta'

Now here's some folk-y music for you. Ostensibly a band but this is the stage-name for Joel Thobideau who hails from Rhode Island. I did some background reading on him and it came as no surprise to see that he's toured with Jónsi, the sounds are certainly similar. 

erland and the carnival - 'daughter'

Their first album was a must-have but up until 2014 I hadn't heard or seen much of them so it was lovely to see a new album out and a good 'un it is too. It seems more of a classic pop album rather than their previous folk-y output but don't let that detract you. It's all good, buddy.

mark lanegan - 'sad lover'

How about this for a tune to wake you into your Monday morning? Great stuff from the ever-reliable Lanegan, this taken from his latest EP 'No Bells On Sunday'.