26 February 2015

warpaint - 'no way out (redux)'

This is apparently the brand new Warpaint track, the first in a series to be released later this year. It's a corker!

misterwives - 'not your way'

Ooh! I like this a lot. It reminds me very much of the Pipettes first album and that's an album I'd happily describe as a classic. Great pop!

25 February 2015

alcoholic faith mission - 'orbiter'

Oh my, could this be the next big thing from Denmark? What a tune this is, the title track from their new album out last week. It reminds me in part of the very sadly defunct band Ou Est Le Swimming Pool and I mean that in the very best possible way.

the districts - '6 am'

Possibly my favourite track from their new album and one that certainly pushes through all sorts of emotions. What a voice! 

kyrstyn pixton - 'i alone (lubdub remix)'

This is taken from a great little remix EP of a track of Ms Pixton's and is available to buy from her Bandcamp site. I love dub remixes generally and this is no exception. Top work from Temple Step Project.

thomy yorke and robert del naja - 'soundtrack from the uk gold'

What a collaboration this is together with Jonny Greenwood and Euan Dickinson this is the entire soundtrack streamed for free from the new film 'The UK Gold". First listen appears to be very much in the same ballpark as Danny The Dog and Atoms For Peace. I like this a lot. 

daniel knox - 'blue car'

This is the album that I wanted Scott Walker's Bish Bosch to sound like. He sounds a dead ringer for Scott Walker with rich, operatic tones over a piano-led band and his humour is offbeat and the music is in parts sounding a little like experimental musical theatre but he always manages to have one foot on the ground. The songs are beautifully produced and deceptive in that classic Scott Walker way of sounding at first listen like it's cheesy but then revealing a sharp, satirical and extremely clever song. I've had it on loop for 2 days solid now and still not tired of it, except for the faint car alarm sound in the first track, Blue Car but even that's not really that annoying. Beautiful stuff.

24 February 2015

will butler - 'take my side'

Currently part listening to Brighton and Hove Albion on the radio in one ear and this the first track from Will Butler's upcoming album. I'm winning in both ears at the moment!

21 February 2015

20 February 2015

dan mangan + blacksmith - 'mouthpiece'

This is just brilliant, my favourite track from Dan Mangan's latest album. 

18 February 2015

krill - 'torturer'

Can I recommend an album to you? Krill's new long player is called 'A Distant Fist Unclenching' and it's superb. 

17 February 2015

grasscut - 'curlews'

This is the first track from a debut album by Brightonians, Grasscut. I'll definitely look out for it, they play quite a traditional folk but it has a slight baroque sound to it as well. Quite beguiling.

dengue fever - 'taxi dancer'

I'm really enjoying their new album. It's classic Dengue Fever and that's a very good thing indeed.

unkle - 'every single prayer (feat. gavin clarke)

Sad to read that long-time Unkle collaborator and fellow Brightonian, Gavin Clark has died. This tune is a fitting tribute, I think.

dj dusty - 'jungle nights'

A friend recommended this Bandcamp artist to me last night and I've got to say I've been enjoying the album 'Oceans' immensely. It's light techno that you can lose yourself in quite happily and enjoy as background music but the real fun is when you put some headphones on and catch all the little nuances this album has to offer.