04 May 2016

dj dusty - 'the rain fell up'

This track suits the weather perfectly. A very summery track from last year. The perfect chill out.

curtis mayfield - 'mighty mighty (spade and whitey)'

The incomparable Curtis Mayfield was a big part of my morning commute and this track especially set me up for the rest of the day.

24 April 2016

22 April 2016

globelamp - 'controversial/confrontational'

I am going to try to catch her when she plays Brighton next month. Her sound is quite simple but at the same time that's not quite true because there's an awful lot going on underneath the surface, difficult to describe but so effective. It's a sort of psychedelic Toyah/Lykke Li  hybrid, intriguing and quite beautiful.

east of my youth - 'lemonstars'

It's been out a while but the band and the tune are new to me. It's a lot less folky than a lot of Icelandic music I've been listening to recently, it's described as 'future pop' and that's a new genre to me - I'd describe it as pop but with techno/dance roots. Either way, it's lovely.

brian eno - 'fickle sun (iii) i'm set free'

Brian Eno covers the Velvet Underground's 'I'm Set Free' taken from his upcoming album 'The Ship'. I'm not sure what to make of this but then again I never quite what to make of any of Eno's music. It is all so ambient and understated that it does have a habit of washing over me. This version has a little bit more meat on the bone and does sound a little like a Beach Boys album filler but even so, it doesn't inspire me. Sorry Brian!

erik jonasson - 'like a funeral'

I'm a sucker for a sultry piano ballad so no surprises that this has been on repeat for the last hour. His voice reminds me of Woodkid in his more reflective moments and that can't be a bad thing. And guess what....he's also from Gothenburg! What a city!

new found land - 'chateau'

Gothenburg has been a fabulous source of great bands and I'm glad to have discovered yet another superb talent. New Found Land aka Anna Roxenholt has released her latest single and it's a great 80s-tinged tune that hints at a lovely power ballad but she keeps it strictly pop. 

21 April 2016

erykah badu - 'i been going thru it all (happy 4/20 mix)'

Oh man, this is good. The last tune of the night and it's something quite special. It reminds me a lot of Nikki Giovani's 'Ego Tripping'. Yes, it really is that good. Check it out.

ladytron - 'paco!'

British readers of a certain age will recognise the words to this song from the title song from the God-awful TV sitcom Are You Being Served. This song makes me smile every time I hear it, just what I need right now.

aim - 'puget sound'

It's been a horrible day for music with the news of Prince dying. I'm going to try to stay upbeat with some music that I was listening to this lunchtime. Got to love a bit of Aim.

18 April 2016

death in vegas - 'soul auctioneer'

Featuring the dulcet tones of Bobby Gillespie. The Contino Sessions is a marvellous album.

04 March 2016

invada allstars feat. anika - '99 red balloons'

It's finally out. The long anticipated cover of Nena's classic released as part of the protest over Trident has been underpinned with the bass line from Under Me Sleng Teng and it's now something quite different and just wonderful.

03 March 2016

karman - 'yew'

I picked this up from the Noisey Twitter account here and they're right, it is a very good pick me up. Lots of bleeps and whistles and a great bassline too.

new jeff buckley album - 'you and i'

A collection of lost Jeff Buckley tunes have been curated into an album and released online for streaming. How cool is that?


starwalker - 'holidays'

Starwalker are a side project by Air and Bang Gang with a lovely disco-y new track.