20 October 2014

eva bowan - 'hyperspectacle ep'

Polish-born and Brighton-based (yay!), Eva Bowan has released an EP of psychedelic electronica that deserves serious attention. Listening to this is a great way to spend a Monday lunchtime.

ásgeir - 'it will rain'

Here's a previously unreleased track from the Icelandic wunderkind and will feature on the upcoming deluxe version of his new album.

the charlatans - 'so oh'

This is their new single scheduled for release on 1st December and will feature on the album 'Modern Nature' earmarked for release early next year. First thoughts are that it's okay, good even but lacks a bit of bite. It's desperately missing an essential ingredient; the chorus is a little too flat, a little too MOR. I do like the guitar work through the song though and it ends very nicely. 6/10.

john costello - 'blanket expression'

The original was a track by Test Card F, an obscure Norwich electro band who recorded the track for a Peel Session in 1982.  picked up this superb cover by John Costello randomly on Soundcloud some time back.

jagwar ma - 'uncertainty (time and space machine dub)'

Monday mornings, eh? This might wash away those blues.

19 October 2014

lily the kid - 'breathe'

The Reykjavik music scene is still producing great new talent. Check out this very clean and exquisite track.

saint saviour - 'a word (peckham safe house session)'

Saint Saviour never fails to deliver, even with acoustic guitar songs. Fantastic stuff.

strawberry switchblade - 'since yesterday'

On a scale of one to ten of how much I love this record, I'd probably be at eleven. Top, top 80s classic.

18 October 2014

soley - 'pretty face (egokind rmx)'

It looks like it's Remix Saturday with this choice track. Her album 'We Sink' was my album of the year a few years back, it's that good.

easy star all-stars - 'us and them (dreadzone remix)'

Just time to sneak this tune onto my blog before we head out to watch Brighton play Middlesbrough. Come on you Seagulls!

saint etienne - 'nothing can stop us (richard x remix)'

From the Richard X remix album 'Foxbase Beta'. It doesn't get much better than this, you know.

vampire weekend - 'contramelt b (toy selectah remix)'

This song comes courtesy of my 12 year old today, who has loved this remix for a fair, few years now.

17 October 2014

the narcissists - 'planet euthanasia'

One of the great forgotten hip-hop albums of  recent years that simply does not get the justice that it deserves.

art department presents martina topley-bird and mark lanegan - 'crystalised'

Yep. It's the XX covered by Martina, Mark and Art Department. What a collaboration!

blank realm - 'bulldozer love'

If you're after a ramshackle tune, the type that has everything but the kitchen sink thrown into it then this is what you're after. Great guitar riffs, a silly chorus that just won't quit and Ramones-esque deliveries. A great way to start a Friday.

16 October 2014

ourlives - 'blissful ignorance'

An Icelandic band that have been around for a fair few years but somehow don't get the publicity. I've no idea why, their radio-friendly sound is pretty damned good and they're a tight band. This is from their 2014 album 'Den Of Lions'.

bryan ferry - 'the price of love'

As smooth as silk, cooler than a cucumber.

jon kennedy - 'do as you did'

Ah, who fancies some breaks and beats now?

lana del ray - 'pretty when you cry'

I'm warming again to her music. I think the hype surrounding her became a bit much but after listening to her album 'Ultraviolence' again I think I gave her a bit of a hard time of late.

avi buffalo - 'at best cuckold'

If this album doesn't feature in the critics' top 10 lists at the end of the year, I'll eat my hat.

the felice brothers - 'meadow of a dream'

I haven't blogged the Felice Brothers in a long time so let's put that right now. The folky Americana outfit who hail from high up in New York State have an album out this year, 'Favorite Waitress' that I've dipped into occasionally of late and whilst it's never going to set the world alight with a slightly more introspective look at life than their previous albums, if you're a fan of this genre then this is a must listen to album, in my opinion. I do love how they manage to remain quite a political band yet not lose themselves in some sort of preach-fest. The message never stops the good music from coming through.

tricky - 'aftermath'

Maxinquaye remains one of the most important albums of my life.

15 October 2014

grace - 'pluto'

Now this is very, very cool indeed. She's from Perth in Australia and this is her debut single and what a single it is. It reminds me of PJ Harvey if she ever did a techno tune. Great stuff indeed.

lamb - 'we fall in love'

I'm very excited about the new Lamb album, I've heard a stream of it and it's absolutely wonderful. The lead track especially is phenomenally good but unfortunately there's no stream for that but this track is a more than adequate replacement. Definitely one of my albums of the year.

gerd - 'seduce me'

Here's an oldie from the 'FSO Future Sound Of' compilation album. Very trippy downtempo loveliness.

marissa nadler - 'nothing in my heart'

Just lovely.

mark lanegan - 'i am the wolf'

I heard snippets of his new album last night and was particularly impressed with this track from it. Classic Lanegan all the way.

king creosote - 'pauper's dough'

This tune reminds me of their fellow Scots rockers, the Waterboys. Someone else I could draw comparisons to is Will Oldham. He's as prolific, as prone to collaboration and unlike say, Ryan Adams, is consistently high quality.

14 October 2014

damon albarn - 'father's daughter's son'

Fair play to Damon Albarn for consistently pushing himself, musically. This isn't even the best track on his new album and it's a corker.

sarah jaffe - 'lover girl'

Taken from her 2014 album 'Don't Disconnect' this is a very solid-sounding track from Texas-born Sarah Jaffe. She's toured with some big names including Norah Jones, Chelsea Wolfe and Midlake and her reputation keeps growing. It's easy to see why too.

perez prado - 'j'ai pleure de joie'

Now this is great. A mariachi-sounding tune that could have come straight from a spaghetti western from the 60s. I think I read that Perez moved to Mexico after the revolution so I wouldn't be surprised if the influence comes from his time there.

esben and the witch - 'wooden star'

Here's a band that have really come of age over the past couple of years. Their doom-laden music is much tighter, better use of  'space' in their music too (if that makes sense) and the result is something that Portishead might be proud of.

red emperor - 'kink in your soul'

Here's a great young local band from Brighton. Great to see so much local talent from my hometown. 

orenda fink - 'this is part of something greater'

Her 2014 album 'Blue Dream' just gets better and better with every listen. It made for a very lovely commute this morning.