22 August 2014

elliphant feat. skrillex - 'only getting younger'

It's a great tune, I'm going to say that upfront so that I don't come across too much as an old fuddy-duddy but Elliphant is Swedish and quite obvously white. How has she developed a South London Jafaican accent for this tune? Is she taking the piss? Stop it. You look ridiculous.

warrenpeace feat scroobius pip - 'frnklystvn'

Yes, yes, yes! This is a monster tune - or is it two tunes in one? There's the Scroobius philosophising but whammo we're then full-on into a Henry Rollins-esque rant/rhyme. Love it! 

As an afterthought, is this tune having a massive pop at Morrissey? If so, it's about time.

ólafur arnalds - 'only the winds (ryan davis a letter from far away reprise)'

Ryan Davis put together this remix and it features on the new Anjunadeep 6 album. Ambient dance music is not my usual cup of tea but this particular remix is quite beautiful.

the war on drugs - 'under the pressure'

I came quite late to the WoD party and I'm regretting not giving them a chance sooner. They have a crispness to their music that pushes all the right buttons with me. Here's the new video too to accompany the song. This tune is great for festivals.

peter groskreutz - 'schublehre'

We all need a little bit of minimal techno in our lives. Actually I'm not joking here, it helps me to focus when working. This is a superb new tune that popped up on my timeline. Plenty of meat on the bone, so to speak. For a minimal techno tune it's vey "in your face". I like it a lot.

m83 - 'lower your eyelids to die with the sun'

Don't ask me why but if you want the very best song titles then always, and I mean always, look for a post-rock band. This is no exception and the tune is anthemic and so uplifting. A great Friday tune. This is a previously unreleased video from M83 to accompany the tune.

12 August 2014

iamamiwhoami - 'tap your glass'

This is some seriously funky music and the video is not too bad either.

11 August 2014

manjul - 'haille sellassie i fasa'

French-born, Mali-native Rastafarian, Manjul is a perfect example of someone whose life revolves around his music...and more power to his elbow. He combines traditional Malian music with reggae and dub to great effect. This track leans very heavily towards the Malian but the track title should tell you where his sympathies also lie. 

10 August 2014

dummy mix 220 - joe goddard

Got to share this with you. As you may know Dummy Mag have a regular DJ mix and this time it's the turn of A-lister Joe Goddard and he's certainly not disappointed with this compilation. Love it.

orchestral manoeuvres in the dark - 'secret'

In the mood for some 80s pop? I am.

l'orange - 'man of the night (feat. erica lane)'

If there's a better tune for a rainy Sunday morning then I've yet to hear it. Superb stuff from ever brilliant L'Orange.

08 August 2014

perez prado - 'mambo no. 5'

Forget that awful recent abhomination, this is the real deal, hailing from the 50s by the incomparable Cuban genius that was Perez Prado. 

saint saviour - 'reasons (maribou state rmx)'

Why oh why oh why isn't this lady the biggest thing in pop music? It's a crime, that she isn't.

johnny cash - 'the legend of john henry's hammer'

A piece of pop trivia for you. This is my eldest son's favourite Johnny Cash track.

mirel wagner - 'no death'

She has a new album out but I'm going to return to a few year's back with a seductively dark album, the type of ballad that Nick Cave excels so well at.

mø - 'walk this way (kant remix)'

Danish producer remixes Danish artist with spectacular results.

ruu campbell - 'crossroads (the dusk remix)'

Fans of Nick Drake will love this tune. Ex-Leftfield singer's 'Crossroads' track (a slightly 60s tinged folky number) has been given a moody remix by producer Soren. The overall effect is quite beautiful. It's only available to stream on the405 website here. You can listen to the original track below.

we were evergreen - 'dormant (the wonderland sessions)'

This is a lovely tune to return from holiday to.

03 August 2014

linnea olsson - 'breaking and shaking'

Now this is a damned fine pop tune. Actually, it's much better than fine. Swedish singer, Linnea Olsson treats us to 3 minutes of pop that will grab you from first listen.