25 June 2017

luke sital-singh - 'killing me'

Another artist who is finally getting the attention he deserves.

alice jemima - 'take me back'

Perfect pop!

fkj - 'better give u up'

Slow, soulful and trippy. 

pvt - 'new spirit'

Listening to PVT is always a pleasure.

songhoy blues - 'mali nord'

Now this is the good stuff. 

the xx - 'test me'

I go through phases with the XX of liking their new album and then thinking it's no great shakes. 

the heliocentrics - 'the wake'

If scuzzy psychedelic rock is your cup of tea then you probably want to listen to the Heliocentrics.

oh susanna - 'flashlights'

The new album is well worth checking out. 

the feelies - 'turn back time'

What a fantastic guitar sound. Love it.

lou canon - 'thrill me'

One of Canada's brightest young talents.

the sadies - 'riverview fog'

Love their new album. 

heather trost - 'bloodmoon'

Lovely stuff.

bedouine - 'solitary daughter'

A new album out that sounds wonderfully languid from start to finish.

hafdis huld - 'little light'

Today is a VERY good day. Hafdis Huld has released a brand new song. All is well with the world now.

24 June 2017

nev cottee - 'nobody's fool'

The new album is bloody brilliant and this is one of the stand-out tracks from it.

algiers - 'the underside of power'

Trying desperately hard to get into the new Algiers album but it's basically the same as the first album except a lot noisier and messier. Sounds much better with headphones on than out of speakers but even so, the album doesn't really go anywhere new in a genre that has been so overdone of late that the novelty wears thin very quickly.

20 June 2017

fannypack - 'hey mami'

Hey Mami. You sexy.

major lazer - 'hold the line'


kevin morby - 'city music'

The title track from his new album is an absolute belter.

larkin grimm - 'beautifully alone'

Another album that's difficult to pigeon-hole. She's described as an experimental folk singer but you'll find lots of mainstream sounding pop amongst the more esoteric tracks. Despite being out there it never sounds self-indulgent and there's a lovely retro feel to the production. It's also got a bit of a jazzy feel to it but very much in a good way.

thurston moore - 'cease fire'

Sonic Youth frontman takes no prisoners with this very awesome album. Just 7 songs but only one coming in under 6 minutes and a couple are over 10 mins long. Lots of very long, very guitar heavy solos with the emphasis on rock. This will put a big smile on any shoegaze fans but also those who appreciate a slightly more nuanced guitar plucking as both styles are evident.

unkle - 'looking for the rain (feat. mark lanegan & eska'

UNKLE has a new album soon with lots of A-list collaborators, this is the first release featuring Mark Lanegan and Eska. It's "very" UNKLE-sounding so have high hopes for the rest of the album.