25 July 2016

general elektriks - 'whisper to me'

I've said it before and I'll say it again, French pop is very polarised. Either it's brilliant or it's just dire. Fortunately there are lots of great French bands out there and I've just discovered another and yes. it's brilliant. General Elektriks combines funky guitars, synths and drum patterns for a very cool sound. What a way to start your week with this track.

23 July 2016

lawrence arabia - 'sweet dissatisfaction'

If you can find a song cooler than this tonight then I'd like to hear it. Beautifully laid-back pop doesn't get much better than this. Taken from the brand new album 'Absolute Truth'. 

lou rhodes - 'all the birds'

I've been enjoying her new album a lot, I thought at first it would be an ethereal affair with whispered vocals and tender guitar plucking but there's a bit more muscle to it and it's all the better for it, Her voice was very familiar to me and I couldn't help but think she reminded me of the lead singer of Lamb...and lo and behold, she IS the lead singer from Lamb! The break from electronica suits her, this is a great album.

22 July 2016

regina spektor - 'bleeding heart'

Ahead of her new album the brilliant Regina Spektor has released this track from it and bloody good it is too. 

the cult of dom keller - 'broken arm of god'

Nottingham band The Cult of Dom Keller have a brand new album out and it's doom-tastic. There's influences from Suicide, Pink Floyd, Sisters of Mercy aplenty. Just check this monster of a tune.

tusks - 'false'

Emily Underhill aka Tusks is signed to the brilliant One Little Indian label and this is her second EP to date. It starts very mellow and stays there but the position it occupies is quite beautiful too. It has a wonderful 'morning after the night before' feel to it that wraps around you like a comfort blanket. Highly recommended.

17 July 2016

soft hearted scientists - 'golden omens'

This Cardiff band have been around for quite some time but I'm ashamed to say that their new album 'Golden Omens' is the very first I've heard of them. If Syd Barrett-infused psychedelic rock is your thing then you'll probably love them too.

darkstar - 'reformer (feat. emperor of)'

It's great to hear a new Darkstar production. This is taken from their new EP 'Made To Measure'.

depeche mode - 'condemnation'

We all need Depeche Mode in our lives.

ebo taylor & the sweet beans - 'odofo nyi akyiri biara'

Oh man, gotta love a bit of 70s Afro-funk. 

12 July 2016

trevor sensor - 'when tammy spoke to martha'

I'm not too sure what the title refers to but there's few songs with such an in-your-face beginning than this. It genuinely shocked me! Great tune though.

metronomy - 'night owl'

Another great track released from their 2016 album 'Summer 08'. 

grinderman - 'no pussy blues'

Fuck yeah! What a tune.

11 July 2016

10 July 2016

dj shadow - 'nobody move (feat. run the jewels)'

Definitely one of the highlights from the new album. It's an inspired collaboration.

cassy - 'back'

Not quite minimalist techno but it certainly steers in that direction. And can I add that it's very soulful too.

jamie isaac - 'last drip (remix feat. rejjie snow)

There are worse ways to spend a Sunday afternoon than chilling out and listening to the new Jamie Isaac album.  

mull historical society - 'build another brick'

The 2016 album 'Dear Satellite' is firm favourite in this household and with tunes like this on it, it's not too difficult to see why.

ry x - 'shortline'

Just wonderful.

beth orton - 'wave'

Nothing beats Beth Orton. 

stephen steinbrink - 'i'm turning inside out (live at little elephant)'

One album that seems to have snuck under the radar is the new Stephen Steinbrink album 'Anagrams'. The tunes are ostensibly portraits of addiction and mental illness but they are framed and executed so beautifully that you can marvel at them without a need to understand the back stories. Definitely one for fans of Avi Buffalo or Sufjan Stevens - and seeing as that includes me, I'm in!

thievery corporation - 'amerimacka (feat. notch)'

Sunday mornings were made for Thievery Corporation.

mirel wagner - 'to the bone'

This is how it's done. You play your part and I'll play mine.

the flaming lips - 'revenge'

Recorded 5 years ago with Danger Mouse producing this posthumous Sparklehorse album with various artists, this is The Flaming Lips at their very best. I just wish they would stop pissing about with mediocre covers of classic albums and their slightly creepy obsession with Miley Cyrus and get back to making great music.