07 July 2015

palace - 'settle down'

What a beautiful track to mooch around the house to on a gloomy day. Taken from their new EP 'Chase The Light'.

02 July 2015

30 June 2015

drab majesty - 'the foyer'

The tune isn't quite in keeping with the summer weather but nonetheless I'm going to blog it because it's pretty good.

la priest - 'oino'

Oh my, what a track! Sort of Prince meets Ariel Pink. Fantastic!

svē - 'blknbl'

Perfect synth-pop from New York artist SVĒ taken from her upcoming album 'My Religion'.

dikembe - 'surfed in the loft'

I love a bit of nihilist angst-ridden pop music once in a while. This is one of those whiles. A great new track from Florida band Dikembe.

dummy mage mix 260 - bernard + edith

Manchester duo Bernard + Edith have curated this mix for Dummy Mag and it's a belter.

28 June 2015

fraser a gorman - 'book of love'

I'm officially adopting this as my song for the summer. It's that good, it really is.

27 June 2015

la roux - 'bulletprooff'

I don't care what anyone says. La Roux pisses over Kanye West when it comes to who is the better performer.

la priest - 'party zute/learning to love'

Great new tune that has huge nods to Prince.

yazoo - 'only you'

This is one of those tunes that had a profound effect on my childhood. Stunning.

the godfathers - 'birth, school, work, death'

One of THE greatest songs from the 80s. A true classic.