22 February 2017

michael mayer & joe goddard - 'for you (dj koze mbira mix)'

Oh, this is quite lovely and stars 3 A-list musicians - Michael Mayer, Joe Goddard and DJ Koze. What's not to like?

hermigervill - 'solitaire'

Icelandic electro-pop maestro Hermigervill is back with a great new tune.

irma vep - 'a woman's work is never done'

This is quite some tune from Irma Vep. Taken from their 2017 album 'No Handshake Blues'.

anohni - 'execution'

It's great to see Anohni back and better than ever.

leonard cohen - 'travelling light'

It's au revoir indeed, you magnificent man. 

the avalanches - 'subways'

I'm in just the right mood for some Avalanches this morning!

luis enriquez - 'mas que nada'

It's a classic.

banks & steelz - 'gonna make it'

Sometimes the unlikeliest collaborations produce the best results. Here's proof indeed.

bonobo - 'kerala'

The new Bonobo album is an absolute joy.

nelson can - 'miracle'

Got to love an all-girl band with this much attitude. Here's Danish Band 'Nelson Can' with huge influences from Siouxsie Sioux.

hurry - 'when i'm with you'

Love, love, love this tune by Philly indie band Hurry.

vedett - 'i don't care'

Hailing from Angers in France, VedeTT are an indie band with a great sound. This is taken from their Tuer Les Gens album a few years back.

fraternal twin - 'flesh & bone'

Fraternal Twin are a great band from New York that I discovered on Bandcamp. Well worth checking out.

the veils - 'do your bones glow at night'

Still on the blues trip.

lightnin' hopkins - 'don't think cause you're pretty'

Perfect weather for the blues.

21 February 2017

nite jewel - 'over the weekend'

Still sounds amazing after what must be the hundredth time I've heard it.

pink floyd - 'wot's...uh the deal'

One of my favourite Floyd tracks. 

benji hughes - 'shark attack'

I do love an artist with a sense of humour and Benji Hughes has it by the bucketload.

london o'connor - 'oatmeal'

I'm not sure if it's even possible to describe the new London O'Connor album adequately, it crosses so many genres. Bloody good though.

20 February 2017

david jac - 'goya'

I'll just finish off with this stunning techno track.

lana del ray - 'love'

Finally! I don't have Spotify so have been waiting what seems like an age for a stream of her new single to share. I know she's not fashionable but I do love her music.

the smiths - 'suffer little children'

The Smiths debut album was released on this day in 1984. This track still sounds as hard-hitting now as it did then. Manchester, so much to answer for.

my jerusalem - 'candy lions'

This is a nice little seque from the previous Nick Cave track.

nick cave - 'mermaids'

One of the highlights of a disappointing album from Nick Cave.

the jayhawks - 'comeback kids'

I can't believe the album 'Paging Mr Proust' wasn't made more of last year. It's a cracker.

stef - 'becoming shadows'

Another great Bandcamp discovery. 

sodastream - 'colouring iris'

Their new album was released last week and is highly recommended.

gill sandell - 'the fading hours'

A superb track here from British songer/songwriter Gill Sandell.

jenny lewis - 'pretty bird'

I spent all of my commute home listening to Jenny Lewis' album 'Acid Tongue' on loop. It's seriously good. 

marnie - 'alphabet block'

Ladytron's Marnie has released a single ahead of her upcoming album and if this is anything to go by, I'll be first in the queue for it.