26 August 2015

small feet - 'rivers'

Swedish folk music that just soars and soars. Utterly beautiful.

14 August 2015

10 August 2015

ultimate painting - 'out in the cold'

I'd never heard of this band until the weekend but their new album 'Green Lanes' has certainly piqued my interest. Very fresh and some great guitar work.

09 August 2015

langhorne slim - 'whisperin''

If you're a fan of Conor Oberst then I think you'll love Langhorne Slim's new album a lot. I love the freshness of the sound and the infectious choruses. Great stuff.

jack + eliza - 'secrets'

There are huge nods to 60s girl band tunes with this song. I love it.

frank turner - 'angel islington'

I've been listening to his new album this morning and feel the need to share this the first track from it. I managed to track down a session he did for an Aussie radio station and if anything it's better than the album version. Anyway, here it is.

06 August 2015

albert hammond jr - 'power hungry'

Better known as the keyboardist with The Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr has recently released a solo album and its been very well received. I'm not surprised either with top tunes like this one.