26 January 2015

prince fatty meets nostalgia 77 - 'marathon man dub'

This is a cracking record to play for my birthday. It harks back to the King Tubby albums of yore.

25 January 2015

andy stott - 'violence'

My lovely girlfriend bought the 2014 Andy Stott album for me, for my birthday and I'm a very happy chappie indeed. She knows me well as it ticks all my boxes and was one of my stand-out albums from last year and now the album has extra special meaning!

sleater-kinney - 'fangless'

First listen of an album that has made a lot of news over the past week or so and I'm mightily impressed especially with this track. It's great to hear a powerful lead vocal over a true rock track.

gaz coombes - 'the english ruse'

This is one of those "must share" songs. I'm currently in the kitchen just clearing up and the new Gaz Coombes album is playing but I've stopped everything to listen to this particular tune. I can't really describe it other than it's really very good! Have a listen.

24 January 2015

edgar froese 1944 - 2015

The founder of ultimate Krautrock band Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese died earlier this week after nearly 50 years in the music industry. I first came to know of the band through the soundtrack to the film 'Risky Business' and although I don't think his music has aged too well, there's still plenty there to admire and enjoy.

grace jones - 'she's lost control'

I can only imagine the record company's reaction when Grace Jones announced she was going to do a dub cover version of the Joy Division's classic. Utter madness but...by God, it works and then some. One of my favourite all-time cover versions.

marika hackman - 'before i sleep'

English folk singer, Ms Hackman has her debut album 'We Slept At Last' scheduled for release on 16th February and it's one that I've got pencilled in as a must buy having heard a few tracks from it, it reminds me in part of Vashti Bunyan ad in other parts early 70s acoustic Fleetwood Mac.

the prodigy - 'nasty (zinc remix)'

Here's the first remix of their massive comeback track. I think the jury's still out on this one for me. They don't sound like they've really moved on at all since the late 90s and it's all a bit samey. I must confess I was hoping for something a bit more leftfield from them.

david byrne - 'the revolution'

From his 2001 album 'Look Into The Eyeball'. I've got a big soft spot for this album, certainly one of Byrne's most reflective and cerebral solo albums.

23 January 2015

young ejecta - 'welcome to love'

I've had the commute from hell and this crisp, clean beauty of a tune is just the medicine to help me relax. 

22 January 2015

bonnie prince billy - 'blindlessness'

"I can't see what I'm doing, it's like a dog is standing on my face". What an opening line to a song! The video to this new track by BPB also features a small dog but fortunately there's no face-sitting going on here.

bláskjár - 'ég vildi að ég væri'

I've just reached 100,000 views on this blog and I'm chuffed to bits with this statistic. Thankyou to everyone who has stopped by to read and listen. It seems fitting for me to mark the occasion with something very dear to my heart: Icelandic folk/pop and so here is Bláskjár aka Arndís Hreidarsdóttir with a tune that combines 70s French ballads, Scandinavian pop and the kind of lyrics that made me fall in love with Icelandic music all those years ago. 

leeroy thornhill - 'in the air tonight (edit)'

Now...it's not often you'll find me sticking Phil Collins on my blog, I'm not the greatest fan but In The Air Tonight is undoubtedly a great track and this is an edit that will quite simply blow your socks off. He's taking the basic tune and gone to places that this song has never been before. Forget your preconceptions for one minute and give it a try!

jenova 7 & mr. moods - 'dark water jazz (mr. moods remix)'

Here's a very dark and trippy number with big nods to Portishead that's probably best suited for much later on in the day but I couldn't resist adding it to my blog. It's great that trip-hop like this is still being made. Restores my faith in mankind.

kali uchis - 'lottery'

Big thanks to 405 Magazine for highlighting this track from Columbian singer-songwriter Ms Uchis. They're quite right, there are lots of similarities with Amy Winehouse and all in the right way. Lovely track.

20 January 2015

laura marling - 'false hope'

Last tune from me tonight and it's the first track from the very eagerly awaited new long player from Ms Marling. It sounds like she's upped the ante with a fast-paced, country-tinged edge to her music. 

bc camplight - 'the 22 skidoo'

I can't get this tune out of my head at the moment, possibly because I've had their album 'Blink of a Nihilist' on repeat for ages!

django django - 'first light'

I thought I'd posted this track a week or two back but somehow it was stuck in my drafts, so apologies for that and better late than never:

the wave pictures - 'i could hear the telephone'

Music by the Wave Pictures and words by Billy Childish (or is it the other way around?) here's the first single from their new album. They just get better and better, don't they?

petula - 'a circle is a lover's straight'

The new album from Petula popped up in my inbox the other day and I've just had a chance to listen to it whilst cooking. Suffice to say, it's a corker and if laid back, folky guitar music is your thing then you need to listen to the album now.  

poliça - 'very cruel'

Great stuff as ever from a band that I adore.

19 January 2015

angel olsen - 'white fire'

This song would go very well with Leonard Cohen's 'Sisters of Mercy'.