19 October 2017

brandon can't dance - 'pop queen of the teen scene'


hiss golden messenger - 'john the gun'

An artist that I've admired for some time now.

conor oberst - 'gossamer thin'

If there's a more astute songwriter around at the moment then I've not heard them.

laibach - 'als geist'

As concept albums go 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' is a quite stunning album and let's face it there's probably no bigger or more difficult concept than the philosophy of Nietzsche.

chuck prophet - 'we got up and played'

His 2017 album  'Bobby Fuller Died For Your Sins' is certainly a grower.

stevie parker - 'without you'

A great new talent from Bristol.

ilk - 'salty weather'

Taken from the Londoners' new album 'Y U' this is a great tune.

peter perrett - 'take me home'

Brilliant tune.

18 October 2017

the higher primates - 'taking in the summer'

All the way back to 1980 for this track.

sweet baboo - 'pink rainbow'

Oh yes, very cool.

bloc party - 'different drugs'


mura masa - 'messy love'

This slipped under the radar far too quickly.

de la soul - 'pain'


róisín murphy - 'thoughts wasted'

A great tune from last year.

portishead - 'it's a fire'

One of the lesser known tracks from Dummy.

dot hacker - 'beseech'

Great tune.

mark olson - 'gravity loss'

From the lead singer of the Jayhawks and taken from his solo album 'Spokeswoman of the Bright Sun'.

jeffrey martin - 'billy burroughs'

Not too many songs about authors and this is rather beautiful.

morrissey - 'spent the day in bed'

It's not one of his strongest tracks, that's for sure but certainly interesting to hear such a prominent keyboard accompaniment in one of his tracks for a change. The less said about the video the better.

diron animal - 'love family'

This new album from Diron is quite superb.

17 October 2017

jagwar ma - 'give me a reason'

Got a lot of time for this band.

tunabunny - 'boundless informant'


nico yaryan - 'your love never lets me down'

Now this is rather good.

darkstar - 'black ghost (feat gaika)'

Let's take a turn for the mysterious.

beak> - 'the cornubia'


nev cottee - 'be on your way'

This is just too good.

yumi zouma - 'text from sweden'

This is an exquisite slice of electro-pop.

the tragically hip - 'hot mic'

One from last year. It's a bloody great tune.

republica - 'ready to go'

Ah Britpop! So much to answer for.

unkle - 'i need something stronger'

From one of the greatest albums of modern times.

radical face - 'sunn'

Top tune.

abram shook - 'device'

A lovely little trippy number.

faithless - 'god is a dj'

He's also a Brighton and Hove Albion fan.

terror bird - 'the keeper (v.1)'

My favourite Canadian singer is back.

nerina pallot - 'stay lucky'

The new album is a little middle of the road but sometimes that is exactly where you want to be driving and right now as I blog this from my sofa, it's a great place to be.

king krule- 'czech one'

The new album sees King Krule mining deep into jazz territory. I'm not usually a fan of that genre but he's sold me on this album.

mgmt - 'little dark age'

Brand new video for this MGMT track.

ashley shadow - 'blurred views'

One from last year from a Canadian singer who knows how to write a stunning tune.

tricky - 'contradictive'

The man is a genius.

entrance - 'summer's child'

An artist that defies description, this is a great track from his 2017 album 'Book of Changes'.

new order - 'salvation'

Taken from 'Low Life'.