21 October 2016

josienne clarke & ben walker - 'dark turn of mind'

There's really nothing finer to wind down to than some folky blues. This is just superb.

fujiya and miyagi - 'serotonin rushes'

A much under-rated Brighton are Fujiya and Miyagi. Their unique brand of English electronica really deserves as wide an audience as possible. I see they have simultaneously released 2 EPs - EP1 and EP2 and this particular track is taken from the first.

hundreds - 'spotless'

One of my favourite German bands has a new song out and a great video to accompany it. It's great to see them back.

20 October 2016

oneohtrix point never - 'animals (director's cut)'

When you get Val Kilmer to star in your music video then you know you're onto a winner. Warning though - the video has strobe lights.

erik jonasson - 'autumn falls'

Swedish singer Erik Jonasson brings us a timely Autumnal tune with a cracking guitar solo finale.

katie kim - 'some day'

Taken from her new album SALT which is available via Bancamp here is Irish singer Katie Kim with a stunning track.

cass - 'you don't see'

How about this for a tune to wake you up? It starts relatively innocuously as a piece of minimal techno but then morphs into something altogether darker. 

cyané - 'stand sol'

Here's a fantastic musician who is completely new to me, Cyané, who hails from Guadalajara in Mexico. Her sound is similar to the more experimental downtempo electronica of Bjork, Goldfrapp, PlanningToRock and that ilk. This musician deserves as wide an audience as possible.

the wands - 'faces'

Some great new psychedelia here from one of Denmark's finest bands.

19 October 2016

the lemon twigs - 'as long as we’re together'

Yup, I get why there's so much hype. It's a hell of a tune.

tall tales and the silver lining - 'unknown forces'

There's something of Avi Buffalo about this LA-based band. It's a great sound if you can capture it well and this is particularly true with Tall Tales. This is the title track from their EP.

jabberwocky - 'photomatron'

It's an oldie but still a goodie.

julia jacklin - 'same airport, different man'

I am mightily impressed with Julia Jacklin's new album. One for Lana Del Ray fans, for sure.