18 January 2017

anti pony - 'pale blue hours'

There's an EP out tomorrow and this is the lead track from it and what a track. I love the 60s sound welded to the bang up to date wall of noise guitars.

klasey jones - 'cement'

I love this tune!

the proper ornaments - 'memories'

There's a hell of a back story to this project from James Hoare (Veronica Falls) and Max Oscarnold (Toy) and the result is a sound that has heavy Beatles, Pink Floyd, Elliott Smith influences and makes for a great uplifting melancholy sound. The album Foxhole is out this week and is well worth a listen.

hush forever - 'something/nothing'

Keeping the Nordic vibe going here is a very trippy track from Sweden's Hush Forever. This track reminds me a lot of Gonjasufi's dreamy track 'Sheep'. It's wonderfully cool and I'm looking forward to the new album 'Find The Gap'.

heiðrik - 'boy'

This is a rare opportunity to plug an artist from the Faroe Islands and his fantastic new track 'Boy'.

ibibio sound machine - 'the pot is on fire'

Just how good is this track? Funky, fresh and in your face.

william onyeabor 1945-2017

RIP to a great musician and a true pioneer.

16 January 2017

chavez - 'the bully boys'

Although they never officially split up, this is the first release from them in 21 years and it's a cracker. They've still got all that energy and angst and then some.

mannarino - 'apriti cielo'

Not the Tennis player, this is an Italian singer/songwriter with an intriguing sound. I can't quite put my finger on it but it's damned good.

surf curse - 'all is lost'

Surf Curse are a two-piece band from Reno with a great sound. I love the concept for this video.

15 January 2017

jah wobble & diggory kenrick - 'mount view dub'

There's always room on my blog for Jah Wobble.

jfdr - 'airborne'

JFDR aka Jófríður Ákadóttir is involved with a lot of disparate projects with other people but she has still found time to record this new song and star in the video. It's a great piece of electronica with lots of stop/starts, broken beats and glitches.

lowly - 'prepare the lake'

Danish band Lowly just go from strength to strength. This is the latest single from them ahead of a new album in February.

dream wife - 'fuu'

If you listen to just one song today then make it this. Fucking hell this is good.

coqui villalobos - 'deep down dirty (ft maya)'

I've no idea if this is anything to do with Ricardo Villalobos but it's good enough to have his association with it. This is a wonderfully trippy and soulful tune.

yalta club - 'exile'

French band Yalta club's new album 'Hybris' is indeed a mix of styles. On one hand is a bouncy pop that wouldn't sound out of place on a Vampire Weekend/Francois and the Atlas Mountains and at other times it has an experimental 80s Peter Gabriel feel to it. It's well worth checking out.