01 September 2014

slow club - 'wanderer wandering'

Hailing from Sheffield, this two-piece have variously been described usually with a 'folk' tag and I won't quibble with that although their 2014 album 'Complete Surrender' has flashes of pop interwined with the acoustic folkiness, I suspect from the influence of Guillemot's Fyfe Dangerfield (love that name!). This particular track actually reminds me of Montreal post-rock collective Esmerine's 'Snow Day For Lhasa'. 

spiral - 'photographs'

Prog rock isn't usually my thing but I have been listening to Albuquerque band, Spiral, on Bandcamp a fair bit over the weekend and I'm growing to love this album. It's difficult to pinpoint why but there's something quite beautiful about it. As with most things prog rock, we've got heavy rock mixed with synths and classical orchestral and the overall sound is slightly overblown as it should be with all good prog rock. Ideally, you need to listen to the whole album in one sitting to appreciate fully the love and attention that has gone into this 3 years in the making album but here's a single track that I especially like. It's quite something!

31 August 2014

dauwd - 'lydia'

Ah, now this is beautiful. Minimal electronica at its very best. Taken from the Total 14 compilation album from everyone's favourite minimalist record label, Kompakt and well worth more than a few listens.

new order - 'fine time (silk mix)'

Let's roll back the years with this classic.

tricky - 'silly games (feat. tirzah)'

Track 11 from Tricky's new album has this warm and mellow re-invention of the Janet Kay classic. Unfortunately there's no glass-breaking high notes but don't let that detract from a wonderful cover from what is another superb album from Tricky.

emiliana torrini - 'echo horse'

I've been a big fan of Ms Torrini for a long time now and her latest album only re-affirms just how good a singer/songwriter she is. There's always something slightly different that I hadn't noticed before every time I listen to her albums. She's an Icelandic national treasure, for sure.

hafdis huld - 'lucky (glastrophobie remix)'

My favourite Icelandic singer returns with a lovely little remix.

the acid - 'fame'

A side project by fellow Brightonian, Adam Freeland, The Acid have a new album out 'Liminal' and on first listen this track evokes the sound of the XX. Perfect for a Sunday morning.

30 August 2014

buddy and cathy rich - 'and the beat goes on'

Really looking forward to catching Craig Charles spin some funky tunes tonight in Brighton. And the beat goes on!

genesis - 'follow you, follow me'

Now this is a proper guilty pleasure. I love this tune. Not very fashionable, certainly not cool but sod all that, it's a grand tune.

28 August 2014

jurassic 5 (feat big daddy kane and percee p) - 'a day at the races'

One of my favourite hip-hop tunes of the noughties, it's a real nod to the kind of old school stuff I used to love in the late 80s.

damon albarn - 'hollow ponds'

To end an eclectic music mix this lunchtime, I'll leave you with a song from Damon Albarn's latest album 'Everyday Robots'. I'm not his biggest fan but I do think a large part of that is down to his persona rather than the music itself and I've enjoyed listening to him of late, especially this tune.

omni trio - 'soul promenade (nookie remix)'

Drum and Bass - that's what I need to listen to right now. 

vashti bunyan - 'holy smoke'

I mentioned Ms Bunyan this morning and curiously, I see that she's released today a single from her latest and probably final album. It's 'classic' Vashti Bunyan inasmuch as it's ethereal, quite minimal and delightfully innocent.

hollie cook - '99'

Britain has a great knack of producing innovative and extremely talented female singers and Hollie Cook is no exception. If you haven't got round to hearing her 2014 album 'Twice' and soulful reggae is your thing then there's no reason to delay giving it a listen any longer. 

conor oberst - 'governor's ball'

With his recent troubles well behind him, Conor Oberst sounds like he's found his groove again with his particular brand of bittersweet, clever songwriting and a knack for a catchy tune.

27 August 2014

lewis - 'cool night in paris'

As with Rodriguez and Vashti Bunyan, Lewis is another star enjoying a magnificent renaissance after decades of obscurity. And there's nothing kitsch or ironic in why he's having such a big resurgence. His album is a real hidden gem evoking John Martyn at his very best. Check this out.

thee oh sees - 'the lens'

This is a wonderfully trippy little tune. Very atmospheric and ever-so-slightly retro with great use of an old style organ.

the amorphous androgynous = 'the watcher'

Shades of the Peter Gunn theme tune here. Love it.

wye oak - 'glory'

Sounding ever so reminiscent of School of Seven Bells or maybe a little bit Fleetwood Mac, this tune is taken from their 2014 album 'Shriek'.

lady & bird - 'que n'ai je'

Lady & Bird are one half Israeli singer Keren Ann and one half Icelandic musician Barði Jóhannsson. The song has a very French feel to it aside from the title and it's not surprising given Keren Ann's upbringing in that country. If you like the kind of smokey jazz club feel to your music then you'll love this track. 

26 August 2014

babes - 'atmo (always turn me on)'

Let me start with a NSFW warning for the video. It's implied rather than explicit but just in case... 

This is a superb pop tune by LA band, Babes. It reminds me a lot of the first Pipettes album but with a grungy, twangy guitar interlude. It's a great tune.

25 August 2014

aphex twin - 'nusxxtrabo780'

After a very long hiatus, he's back and sounding as fresh as he ever did.

luluc - 'reverie on norfolk street'

Last one from me tonight and it's a folky tune from Australian duo Luluc. It reminds me in part of a lot of other great folk tunes but tiredness is messing with my brain at the moment and I can't recall which ones precisely! Ah well, it's a great tune anyway. Good night.