03 December 2016

pink floyd - 'pigs'

40 years ago today, the Pink Floyd pig floated away from Battersea Power Station.

team ghost - 'the riser'

They describe their music as 'coldgaze' an electronic sound but with a glacial punk element to it. Confused? Well. listen to the music and all will become clear!

Hazel O'Connor - 'Will You'

It's a classic.

flora cash - 'for someone'

What a tune. Great stuff from Stockholm duo Flora Cash.

kaitlyn aurelia smith - 'envelop'

The album slipped past me this year but having seen it on so many Best Of 2016 lists I've finally gotten around to listening to it. It's certainly not what I expected but sometimes (as with this) that can be a wonderful surprise. Yes...I'm a fan!

thee oh sees - 'nervous tech (nah john)'

I love the new album 'An Odd Entrances' (sic) by psychedelic heavyweights, Thee Oh Sees. It's relatively short but takes so many twists and turns it feels much longer.

portishead - 'strangers (vaccine remix)'

It's a Portishead kind of morning.

amiina - 'cafe'

It's great to see the Icelandic four-piece back and with a very strong album.

02 December 2016

mowree - 'automatic soldier (dub makers rmx)'

I do find there's something very hypnotic with minimal techno and I find it very conducive to me concentrating on work. This tune popped up on my iPod this morning and went down very well.

01 December 2016

steffi - 'sadness'

Just got to share this with you. It's an oldie but goldie.

ladylike lily - 'tir à blanc'

Definitely for fans of Emilie Simon, this is French singer Ladylike Lily with a quite beautiful track.

bongani 'siderophile (handsdown & leighboy remix)'

I do like my minimal techno when it comes from a dark place. This kind of tune is what I mean.

beth gibons and rustin man - 'tom the model'


candy glass - 'beatific'

I must have played this track to death back in the day.

jyl - 'mechanic ballerina'

I think I'm on a bit of a new wave vibe tonight. Here's an obscure 80s number that deserves a wide audience.

joy division - 'atrocity exhibition'

For entertainment they watch his body twist. Behind his eyes he says, 'I still exist.'