31 July 2014

phil selway - 'coming up for air'

Better known as Radiohead's drummer, he is surprisingly good as a solo artist with a lovely line in melody driven guitar playing and bittersweet lyrics. This is his latest single from his upcoming album 'Weatherhouse'.

bob dylan - 'rainy day women #12 & 35'

I'm not the biggest Bob Dylan, not by a long stretch but I do like this tune a lot, the opening song from his legendary 'Blonde on Blonde' album. Please forgive the awful Youtube video. Let's just focus on the tune, eh?

30 July 2014

erik jackson - 'now and then (jenova 7 remix)'

Let's take it downtempo. This is very nice indeed, reminding me of the Bladerunner soundtrack. You can almost hear the rain beating against the windows with this tune and lost and lonely souls looking out into a neon-lit technology Gomorrah.

sheila and b devotion - 'spacer (extended remix)'

One of the all-time classic disco tunes. Love it, absolutely love it.

28 July 2014

zettajoule - 'desidario'

Big thanks to DIY mag website for bringing this tune to everyone's attention. A very lovely upbeat tune it is too. Classic indie guitar sounds from Austin, Texas.

beck - 'waking light'

His new album is out today, so what better way to celebrate than a tune from it. One of his slower more ballad-y numbers. I don't know why but it kind of reminds me of Pink Floyd. 

mad professor - 'hardworking dub'

I was lucky(!) and managed to get into work today. So I thought I'd play an appropriately named tune. Take it away, MP.

27 July 2014

pocket dirt - 'slow yellow ep'

I haven't had a look at Bandcamp in a long time. Very remiss of me and I'll try to give it the attention it deserves in future. Here's what I've been missing. Brilliant isn't it?

24 July 2014

derrick and patsy - 'housewife's choice'

Hot weather needs music to match. Here's some classic ska. A bit of trivia for you here. This tune was released in 1961 and Derrick Morgan was once number one through to number seven in the Jamaican charts. He also had a legendary and quite nasty feud with Prince Buster. Things escalated to the point that the Jamaican government stepped in to try to calm tensions between their respective fans.