23 August 2016

the primitives 'carry me home'

I must have played their 'Lovely' album to death on my cassette player. This was a particular favourite.

pivot - 'o soundtrack my heart'

I haven't heard this in years and it's ridiculously good. 

22 August 2016

plantman - 'frost fayre'

So great to see British indie-pop/folk music in such rude health. Here's a new artist to me - Plantman - from Southend with his new album 'To The Lighthouse'. I'm not sure if the album title is a nod to the Virginia Woolf novel but it's pretty damn good nonetheless. 

frank ocean - 'nikes'

I have just one complaint with this tune and that is the use of autotune. If only it had not been used then I'd consider this song perfect.

21 August 2016

kiki hitomi - 'yume no hana'

I don't pretend to know too much about Ms Hitomi but she does have a new album 'Karma No Kusari' out and I want it. Just check out how good this is.

jah wobble's invaders of the heart - 'soledad'

What a tune.

nu:tone - 'the boy who lost his smile'

Who's up for some soulful drum and bass?

pional - 'casualty'

This is taken from the upcoming EP 'When Love Hurts' from Spanish producer Pional. It's quite uplifting despite the minor chords and is very catchy too. Fair play for a cracking tune. 

adna - 'smoke (full live ep)'

Now this is very special indeed. Berlin-based Swedish singer-songwriter Adna has recorded her full Smoke EP (Beautiful Hell / The Prettiest / Run Lucifer) live and the result is now up on Youtube in all its glory. 

serpentwithfeet - 'blisters'

I randomly spotted this on Maryanne Hobbs' Twitter feed this morning and I've got to agree with her, it is a quite remarkable tune. Very chilled too, perfect for a Sunday morning.