28 August 2016

jenny hval - 'conceptual romance'

I do like the musical avenues that Jenny Hval explores. Hers is definitely the path less trod but she's extremely good value for that. This is from her new album 'Blood Bitch'.

the rifles - 'groundhog day'

This is a cracking first track from the new Rifles album 'Big Life'.

blond:ish - 'endless games (patrice bäumel mix)'

Taken from the latest Kompakt Total 16 compilation album, this is a beautiful piece of electronica.

a certain ratio - 'flight'

We all need more A Certain Ratio in our lives.

badbadnot good - 'in your eyes (feat. charlotte day wilson)'

The soulful music continues. 

juniore - 'je fait la mort'

This is my big discovery of the weekend - a female-fronted French psychedelic surf band with a lovely 60s retro feel and some brilliant tunes. If you want to know more then check out their Bandcamp page here.

the afterglows - 'angels in the sunshine'

This is a very lovely, hazy track for a Sunday morning.

23 August 2016

the primitives 'carry me home'

I must have played their 'Lovely' album to death on my cassette player. This was a particular favourite.

pivot - 'o soundtrack my heart'

I haven't heard this in years and it's ridiculously good. 

22 August 2016

plantman - 'frost fayre'

So great to see British indie-pop/folk music in such rude health. Here's a new artist to me - Plantman - from Southend with his new album 'To The Lighthouse'. I'm not sure if the album title is a nod to the Virginia Woolf novel but it's pretty damn good nonetheless. 

frank ocean - 'nikes'

I have just one complaint with this tune and that is the use of autotune. If only it had not been used then I'd consider this song perfect.