25 November 2014

a tribe called quest - 'electric relaxation'

Something to make you mellow. 

julia marcell - 'halflife'

Great tune from Polish-born, German-based singer Julia Marcell. I must check her album out.

tricky - 'i had a dream (feat. francesca belmonte)'

Such a cool track. He's still got the knack for making a great tune.

music video of the year?

It's got to be a candidate. Here's Acollective with 'BreakApart'.

dr heinz funkenpumpe mixtape number one

Just over an hour of soul, funk, reggae. Bloody marvellous!

hundreds - 'aftermath 9robag wruhme remix)'

Ah, now this is just incredible. Nearly 10 minutes of unadulterated techno loveliness from master remixer Robag Wruhme doing a lovely number with the Hundreds tune. It's quite something, this tune. Like a big friendly monster.

serengeti - 'no beginner'

This is how I like my hip-hop. Chicago underground rapper Serengeti telling it like it is.

24 November 2014

goldfrapp - 'human'

It's a classic.

ex cops - 'black soap'

I came across this quite randomly on Soundcloud and I'm already hooked. From Carolina and Denmark they sound great; superb riffs, fresh voices, catchy tunes - all you need in a great band.

nils bech - 'jealousy'

Now this is rather special. Norwegian Bech soars with this dark synth-pop.

model 500 - 'neptune'

Great news for all techno fans, Juan Atkins is releasing his first Model 500 album for 16 years and his record label are re-releasing 'Sonic Sunset' the iconic 1994 album. 

soft fangs ep

Self-titled EP from LA-based Soft Fangs and as DIY mag say there are echoes of Sparklehorse and Elliott Smith here. Well worth a listen.

beverly - 'madora'

From Brooklyn and touring currently with the Drums and there is a close similarity with the musical styles of both bands and not too far away from the Pixies too. The video is hand-drawn, by the way. It must have taken ages to do. Quite brilliant.

submotion orchestra - 'city lights (radio edit)'

A rather good soul/funk/electronic collective from Leeds for yuou on a Monday morning.

21 November 2014

hurray for the riff raff - 'blue ridge mountain'

There's always time for some beautiful music.

mac demarco - 'brother'

I see in recent news that he was arrested at his own gig for climbing on rigging and over-exuberant crowd-surfing! Way to go - Mac. Glad to see that there are still musicians out there really giving their all in live performances.

20 November 2014

goat - 'hide from the sun'

You normally associate Gothenburg bands with dream pop but Goat are smashing a few preconceptions with their experimental album 'Commune'. Have a listen to this beauty.

flying lotus - 'ready err not'

Another great track from another great 2014 album. There's an awful lot of depth to this album, it feels at times like it's jazz but then it becomes hip-hop and then more mainstream. Very imaginative!

19 November 2014

lewis - 'cool night in paris'

I think this album is a definite contender for one of my albums of the year. Superb.

mus.hiba - 'moonlight'

My brother got me onto this track. It's downtempo electronica cut so fine that it feels extremely fragile.