25 May 2016

olga bell - 'randomness'

Last one of the night for me. Here's Russian-born, Alaskan-raised Olga Bell with some leftfield electronica from her new album 'Tempo' due out at the end of the week. I love music like this.

samaris - 'góða tungl'

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this Icelandic band before so I'm going to jump in and play an oldie from their back catalogue. I don't know what it is about Icelandic pop but I go back to it time and again for inspiration and pure musical pleasure.

poliça - 'lose you'

Now this was one band that I was ahead of the game with. I was blogging about this band at the beginning of 2014 and since then their stock has risen dramatically (absolutely nothing to do with me though!). Their 2016 album 'United Crushers' just cements their position as a headline act and with tracks such as this from it, it's easy to see why.

memoryhouse - 'arizona'

We all love dreampop, right? I do and this is a peach from Canadian band Memoryhouse from their 2016 album 'Soft Hate'.

africaine 808 - 'yes we can't'

Africaine 808 are a New York band who mix electronic music with traditional African (and on this track Australian) sounds. The overall effect is something much better than the sum of its parts and it makes for one hell of a great party player. 'Basar' the album this comes from was released in February this year but seems to have slipped past lots of people. Seriously, get listening! You won't regret it.

wendy james - 'king rat'

Apparently it was what Keith Richards called Brian Jones. This is a superb track from the very under-rated Wendy James comeback album 'The Price of the Ticket'.

luke cannon - 'country rose'

I blogged about Illinois singer-songwriter Luke Cannon earlier this year but his songs have been popping up randomly on my iPod and I think it's about time I blogged some more tracks from his 2016 album 'Give Me Freedom'. His Bandcamp page is one I keep going back to time and again.

hearts hearts - 'hunter limits'

Vienna band Hearts Hearts are gaining a huge following for their indie electronic sound. It reminds me a lot of Woodkid and that ilk and that's no bad thing at all. It's great when I hear really good pop music from places like Austria. It feels me with hope that the Eurobeat rubbish is getting consigned to the dustbin of history once and for all.

dressy bessy - 'dirty birdies'

I think you'll like this, described as garage-punk meets bubblegum pop, the Denver band have a great new album out and loads of great guest stars including Peter Buck. I thought this track had big R.E.M. influences, you know.

suuns - 'paralyzer'

One of their more subdued tracks from the excellent 'Hold/Still' album. 

great lakes - 'wild again'

The album 'Wild Vision' from which this track is taken from came out right at the beginning of the year but I've only just found a stream to link to for you good people. If you like your folk with a bit of meat on the bone then this album is a must listen to. This particular track reminds me in part of a Nick Cave track. Great stuff.

iska dhaaf - 'invisible cities'

Avant-garde would be one description but don't let that fool you into thinking that this two-piece from Seattle are a hipster hell. Far from it, there's a real muscle to their music and talent aplenty. I can't quite put my finger on why but this track in particular is a real scene-stealer.

young girls - 'what we do'

I was browsing the Bandcamp new albums list and came across this track by Austin band Young Girls. How good is this then? Very good. That's how much!

24 May 2016

ivan melnik - 'don't warry about'

It's not a typo so don't worry (sic)! Here's a nice bit of deep minimal to sign off for the night. Just listen to this track build and build - beautiful.

jimmy somerville - 'strong enough (tom moulton remix)'

His 2015 album 'Homage' was a disco-laden beauty but he's gone one better with a remix album and he's pulled in some of the biggest names in disco. None bigger than the legendary Tom Moulton. 

the fat white family - 'the whitest boy on the beach'

I keep meaning to write about The Fat White Family but for some reason I haven't done so. Their 2016 album 'Songs for Our Mothers' is a real barnstormer and I reckon it could well feature in a fair few Album of the Year lists. Here's one of the stand-out tracks from it.

violent femmes - 'big car'

We need a great tune to start this glorious day. Step forward The Violent Femmes.

23 May 2016

junior senior - 'move your feet'

It's a party classic!

gordi - 'so here we are'

Australian indie singer Gordi has a new EP out in July and ahead of that here's one of the tracks. It's bloody brilliant.

brett dennen - 'strawberry road'

His new album 'Por Favor' is the LA singer-songwriter's 6th studio album although this is the first that I've heard. I'm quite enjoying it at the moment, it doesn't push any boundaries and it is a little pedestrian and his voice definitely has its limitations but despite all that I like the overall effect. 

field music - 'they want you to remember'

I've previously blogged about their new album 'Commontime' but it's been a while and the album is a good 'un so here's another track from it, this time in session for Très Très Privée.

britta phillips - 'daydream'

One from 2015 for a change. I was quite late getting to hear about this album and so although it came out nearly a year ago it is very recent for me. Britta is a Michigan-born, Pennsylvania-raised singer-songwriter who ha been around for some time now playing in various bands and she released her first solo album Luck or Magic quite late into her career. Her style is a dreamy shoegaze with some clever guitar work. Let's hope her next album isn't too long in coming.

bloc party - 'living lux'

An album that's starts so well but fades so sharply. This is one of the better tunes from the back-end of the album.

the prettiots - 'suicide hotline'

Another great track from what is an outstanding album and one of my favourites so far for 2016. The trio play a deceptively simple and pleasant pop but underneath are bittersweet lyrics and some very difficult topics. They manage to carry it off every time with aplomb.

grubby little hands - 'no such thing'

Philadelphia band, Grubby Little Hands do a lovely line in retro-guitar pop. There's references to '80s indie jangly guitar, there's The Monkees, there's a little bit of psychedelia - it's all good. Their new album 'Garden Party' came out last month on Bandcamp and I can't recommedn it highly enough. 

fritz carlton & lubelski - 'doses ft. daemon'

I have got back into listening to techno again and I'm glad I did, it helps me concentrate at work. This tune has been a highlight this morning. Brand new from Fritz Carlton and Lubelski.

alex smoke - 'yearning mississsippi'

This tune broods and simmers like no-one's business. It's as if the band Algiers turned up in a particularly bad mood. This kind of music is right up my street, it creates such a great atmosphere and tells a story not often heard in modern music. Taken from his 2016 album 'Love Over Will', Glaswegian Alex Smoke is one hell of a musician.

22 May 2016

tanita tikaram - 'food on my table'

A very Sunday evening sounding track complete with blues-y saxophone, this is a quite superb track taken from her 2016 album 'Closer To The People'. Her distinctive voice has lost none of its potency and the songwriting gets better and better.

fews - 'zoos'

Fews new album 'Play It Again Sam' is Brighton-based Resident Records' album of the week so it piqued my attention as they are very good judges of what is hot and what is not. The American/Swedish rock band have an interesting sound: post-punk, proto-Goth and a bit of shoegaze for good measure from what I've heard so far from the first 4 tracks on the album. Ordinarily, this musical mix wouldn't be my go to for listening but there is something about this band that I like. I'm doing the album in short bursts and it's working well although I am not sure I can do a whole album in one sitting.

gabriel bruce - 'freedom'

The comparisons with Nick Cave are well-founded although Bruce's sound is more traditional Goth with a Cult/Sisters of Mercy approach to the big sound of the songs. This is the first track from his second album 'Come All Sufferers' which was released last week.

miranda lee richards - 'tokyo's dancing'

On a beautiful Sunday such as this it's nice to have some Carpenters-like music.

hailu mergia and dahlak band - 'sintayehu'

There's a re-release of Ethiopian musician Hailu Mergia's albums coming out soon and I heard on the radio this morning this gem of a tune. Very reminiscent of the James Taylor Quartet and not at all what I was expecting.

dream academy - 'life in a northern town'

The prototype for all future dream pop songs. It's a classic and rightly so.

lanu - 'dragon sun'

This is definitely a summer track. Lovely Far Eastern influences with surf sounds from the New Zealand band. Taken from their new album 'The Double Sunrise'.

nancy sinatra - 'last of the secret agents'

"He got his degree from Disneyland..."

21 May 2016

dj tennis - divisions (roman flügel remix)'

I'm still on the techno vibe and this is such a mean and moody track.

daniel steinberg - 'neptune (original mix)'

There's one techno DJ/producer that I return to time and again and it's this man, Daniel Steinberg. You can't help but love the man with tracks like this.

saive - 'daylight'

Another dance track, this time a deep house monster. 

ecco - 'reset'

I'm having a bit of a techno weekend at home by myself and I stumbled across this belter.

krush - 'house arrest'

I've always had a special place in my heart for this tune. I think Ruth Joy's vocals make it so.

mutual benefit - 'getting gone'

I do love their new album 'Skip A Sinking Stone' so much. It has a lovely dream-like quality to it throughout, It washes over you like a gentle breeze. The songs sound a little retro, sort of West Coast early 60s hippy. I particularly like how this song builds and builds from a mish-mash of noise almost like a cake recipe. Lovely stuff.

20 May 2016

moderat - 'running'

The jury's still out with me on this one. I'm not sure why but it doesn't yet 'click'.

treetop flyers - 'lady luck'

I was a bit late to the party with Treetop Flyers, a London Americana/Folk band. I've only just got around to listening to their 2016 album 'Palamino' even though it's been out for a few months now. This track is quite a heavy sound and certainly rockier than other music on the album. It's sort of Interpol meets Pink Floyd and the net effect is quite breathtaking.

pantha du prince - 'frau im mond, sterne laufen'

With the much awaited album 'The Triad' out today, the German minimal techno genius that is Pantha Du Prince has made a lot of people, myself included very happy. I originally named this website as a way of paying tribute to my love of minimal techno. It's clarity and purity is something that keeps drawing me back to it time and again. How about this for a slice of great music.

misha - 'limelight'

So much great new music, it's difficult to keep up with it all. Actually, it's bloody impossible and I say that as someone who tries his best to do so. Here's some more from Misha.

gemma ray - 'there must be more than this'

Her new album Exodus Suite is out today. I've been giving it a fair few listens on my commute home and I am mightily impressed with it. It's quite cinematic sounding but the tone is very Shilpa Ray/Nick Cave. It's bloody marvellous, that's what it is.

19 May 2016

elliott power - once smitten (unkle vs nubrain dub)'

Now here's a young man who's been listening to Massive Attack and Tricky an awful lot. I'm so glad that there's still people making great trip-hop out there and with the remix skills of Unkle too it sounds great.

glass animals - 'life itself'

Definitely a contender for single of the year so far. This has a jungle drum sound with a very catchy electro-pop chorus and loads of attitude.

braids - 'trophies for paradox'

I love how ethereal and other-worldly this track is. It's short too, clocking in at under 3 minutes and perhaps that adds to its beauty. Some times the best things in life are those that are short and sweet.

andy shauf - 'the magician'

One for fans of Ben Folds, Elliott Smith and that ilk. This is the first track from the Saskatchewan singer-songwriter's new album ' The Party'. The whole album is quite low-key, lo-fi and introspective and perfect for those Thursday nights when you've been working late, knackered and are now sitting in bed catching up with new music. No clues for guessing how I feel!

moonface and siinai - 'they call themselves old punks'

When you come across a track that reminds you of Bauhaus then you can't help but be attracted to it...well, it's certainly true for me. This is the new one from Moonface and Siinai on the Jagjaguwar label. Apparently there's a new album out too so I'll definitely be looking out for that.

monica lionheart - 'strangers'

Monica Lionheart hails from Puerto Rico but you'll find little trace of her Latin roots in this tune, it's played strictly for electro-pop. Taken from her album 'Missed Connections' released at the beginning of this year.

david bazan - 'oblivion'

His new album 'Blanco' is well worth a listen in my opinion. His style has adapted and he's a little more John Grant-esque but please don't think he's an identikit. He's been around some time and he's definitely his own man. 

milk teeth - 'sweet jar (again)'

One of those tunes that goes on and on but finishes way too soon. Very reminiscent of the Pixies or Nirvana at their quiet moments.

susanna - 'in the need of a shepherd'

She has been around for a few years now but I've only just caught up with her music. This tune is taken from her 2016 album 'Triangle' which came out last month and is very much in the same vein as Lykke Li and others who play a sort of power-pop electro. 

luh - 'the great longing'

The new Luh album 'Spiritual Songs For Lovers' is one of those that I keep going back to for inspiration and sweet relief.