23 July 2014

mazzy star - 'sparrow'

What better way to end a long hot day than a bit of Mazzy Star?

22 July 2014

david gates - 'if'

Better known as the lead singer with Bread but he carved a pretty successful solo career too and there's no denying his voice is quite incredible. This is a perfect example and chosen by my girlfriend for this blog post.

21 July 2014

maya jane coles - 'wait for you (feat. tricky)'

With Maya Jane Coles and Tricky collaborating there can only be one outcome: a smash-hit tune.

lorde - 'tennis court (diplo's andrew agassi remix)'

Diplo had a bit of fun with Lorde's track 'Tennis Court' as you can tell by the remix title. It's certainly a lot less 'in your face' than the usual Diplo fayre although there's still a few trademark touches that give the game away as to the production. I do wish Diplo would do more of this and leave the noise-fests to Major Lazer (where he does it so well).

sinead harnett - 'no other way (ryan hemsworth remix)'

I'm not sure how this song sounds like blasting out of the radio but with headphones on it's an absolute beauty. There's so much going on, not just with the main orchestration but bubbling under with the minor asides and little beeps and whistles too. 

terry callier - 'ordinary joe'

I've had this tune stuck in my head all morning. 

20 July 2014

neneh cherry - 'naked'

Taken from her highly acclaimed latest album and it's easy to see why the plaudits have been so great.

wanda sá - 'adriana'

The perfect authentic bossa nova sound for a Sunday evening, I think. 

daniel steinberg - 'let me down (tube and berger remix)'

How about something warm and disco-y for a humid Sunday afternoon. It's made me realise that I haven't listened to enough Daniel Steinberg of late. That won't do. It won't do at all.

the sugarcubes - 'birthday (icelandic version)'

I still remember the first time I heard the 'Life's Too Good' album for the first time at Uni. Ground-breaking. It still sends shivers up my spine. The quality on this video isn't too good but I fancied playing the Icelandic version for a change.

19 July 2014

everything but the girl - 'single (brad wood memphis remix)'

The day that I tire of listening to EBTG is the day that I check out from this world, I think. This is the remix of the 'Walking Wounded' track appearing on the 'Adapt Or Die' remix album a few years later.

18 July 2014

leftfield - 'phat planet (mark knight and funkagent remix)'

If you're trying to get the Friday feeling then this should help. A minimal remix of the Leftfield classic.

george smith - 'i've had it'

Northern Soul. That's what's needed.

reverend gary davis - 'death don't have no mercy'

Sometimes he gets overlooked when other mid 20th century blues artists names are mentioned but he fully deserves to be included with the greats. This song seems appropriate in light of recent world news too.

17 July 2014

emilie nicolas -'pstereo'

I have some very good friends at the Chvrches gig at Somerset House tonight and they emailed me to ask if I'd heard of Norwegian singer, Emilie Nicolas, who is the support  act tonight. The answer was 'no' but since then I've rectified that and have enjoyed checking out her music. Her brand of power-rock is very Lykke Li, Fever Ray, Zola Jesus. I like her sound a lot.

avi buffalo - 'so what'

The world needs more fey, jangly guitar pop. Here's a quick dose of the hard stuff.