02 August 2015

better daze - 'stay right here'

It's a trip-hop kind of day. 

jane weaver - 'argent (tom furse extrapolation)'

Another beautifully mellow track for this gorgeous Sunday.

lakker - 'halite'

This is a very lovely ambient piece of electronica. 

beak> - 'the meader'

He may come across as a curmudgeonly sod at times on social media but Geoff Barrow talks a lot of sense, especially about performing rights, royalties and suchlike. He's also got a knack for offbeat but catchy tunes. This is him with his band Beak> taken from their new EP.

a grave with no name - 'leaving'

Here's a very blissful Sunday record.

31 July 2015

the districts - '6 a.m.'

This is one of my favourite tunes of 2015 so far. It's a beaut.

dommengang - 'her blues'

...and the beat goes on.

black nail cabaret - 'the burial party'

Here's a great find from Bandcamp. I think you'll like this.

duke garwood - 'snake man'

How about some Friday morning Blues?

29 July 2015

beach house - 'space song'

I'm not quite sure what to make of their new album, it's a little soporific but in a good way. This track is quite lovely though.

28 July 2015

new order - 'restless'

Oh boy! Here's the new single from the upcoming album.

chemical brothers - 'wide open (feat. beck)'

You just know that anything that has Beck and the Chemical Brothers collaborating will be utterly joyful. This is from the Chemical Brothers new album and probably the stand-out track for me.

triptides - 'dark side'

Now this is the good stuff. Lovely tune from their new album.

barbarossa - 'silent island'

Ever have one of those days at work where only music can calm the nerves?

26 July 2015

stealing sheep - 'apparition'

Their album is bloody fantastic and I'll happily wrestle any man who disagrees.

wolf alice - 'bros'

Tune! What a tune!

vinyl williams - 'world soul'

The tunes keep coming! This is another laid-back but uplifting number.

the bird and the bee - 'young and dumb'

And lifting the tempo with this oh-so-cool track. Lovely stuff.

depeche mode - 'blasphemous rumours'

It doesn't get much better than this, frankly.

the acorn - 'rapids'

Keeping the vibes mellow with this, the first track from The Acorn's 2015 album 'Vieux Loop'.

gil scott-heron - 'the other side pt1'

Rainy Sunday mornings are made for Gil Scott-Heron.

24 July 2015

future - 'again'

I love the darkness to this track, very Leftfield.

ratatat - 'cream on chrome'

Oh my, what a tune. What an album. It's not called 'Magnifique' no reason, you know.