28 October 2014

trus'me - 'somebody'

Techno. That's what I need right now.

mazzy star - 'common burn'

I don't think I could ever get bored of listening to Mazzy Star.

she & him - stay awhile'

They've an album of covers coming out soon, rather appropriately called 'Classics' and this is the first release from it, a cover of the Dusty Springfield tune. A pretty good rendition too.

fear of men - 'descent (fd acoustic session)'

The ever excellent Fait Divers recorded Fear of Men in session in Dijon recently. The results are excellent. 

27 October 2014

eaves - 'alone in my mind (for mannington bowes)'

Fans of Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen will adore this track. What a tune.

the bootleggers feat emmylou harris - 'cosmonaut'

One of the better tunes from the Lawless soundtrack.

robag wruhme - 'prognosen bomm'

A rather lovely piece of electronica from one of the jewels in the Kompakt record label crown.

26 October 2014

björk - 'hollow (16bit remix)'

The last for this mini-session of blogging. This is the 16-Bit re-interpretation from the remix collection of her Biophilia album.

matthew e white - 'gone away'

Carrying on the Sunday slumber tunes, here's another mellow number, this time from his 2012 album 'Big Inner'.

mirel wagner - 'what love looks like'

A suitably dark tune from Finnish singer/songwriter Mirel Wagner on a dark and foreboding Sunday afternoon.

25 October 2014

24 October 2014

beck - 'country down'

If you haven't the 'Morning Phase' album then you are missing out big time. Trust me on this.

shimmering stars - 'derèglement'

It's as if the Jesus and Mary Chain were covering the Everly Brothers' 'Cathy's Clown'. A superb album from the Vancouver band.

harold melvin and the bluenotes - 'i miss you'

Top, top tune.

lanterns on the lake - 'there's a light on in your home'

This rather lovely, soulful track popped up randomly on my iPod whilst wandering around Lincoln's Inn Fields today. It fitted my mood perfectly.

23 October 2014

black milk and mel - 'hello'

It's almost like lo-fi R&B. Detroit Hip-hop producer Black Milk has done really well here to break from the usual bling n bitches cliches and has come up with a genuinely soulful, stripped back tune. Love it.

miaoux miaoux - 'stop the clocks'

Some mid-afternoon electro-pop to keep you going.

unkle - 'follow me down'

You can't go wrong with  Unkle.

david lynch - 'i know (sasha remix)'

Nearly the weekend...

22 October 2014

stornoway - 'i saw you blink'

Here's a great hit from a superb album of a few years back. Stornoway really were a breath of fresh air when I first heard them. They still sound great.

j mascis - 'trailing off'

The world's a crazy place for sure. Thank God for great music.

hymnalaya - 'colt for a king'

Icelandic folk outfit, Hymnalaya have a great sound, crisp, clean vocals, tight musical arrangements and beautiful tunes.

caribou - 'our love'

Taking a huge nod from Inner City's 'Good Life' is the lead track form Caribou's new album and one I'm still getting to grips with. It's very good in parts but there are a few album fillers that don't go anywhere that let the album down in my opinion. That said, the tunes that are good, 'Can't Do Without You' for instance, are absolute belters.

emiliana torrini - 'nightfall'

This is from the 'Men, Women and Children' soundtrack. I can't say I'd heard of the film until now but will definitely look out for it if only for a chance to hear this beautiful tune.

eternal summers - 'gouge'

There's nothing better to pick me up after yet another disrupted commute into London than listening loudly to music whilst walking. It's extremely therapeutic, for me anyway. Here's some honest to God, great guitar pop that was one of the tunes that provided therapy.