17 April 2017

moon bros - 'corrido'

Last one from me for a while and I'll leave with this sumptuous guitar instrumental.

låpsley - 'operator (dj koze extended disco remix)'

Two great talents collide.

lux lisbon - 'demons you show'

Ah, this is the good stuff.

drugdealer - 'my life (feat danny james)'

Just perfect.

los campesinos! - 'the fall of home'

Cardiff's finest here with a great sound.

ten fe - 'make me better'

Now for something a little anthemic.

damien jurado - 'maraqopa'

Now here's a bloody brilliant tune.

band of horses - 'throw my mess'

A lot of my posts tonight seem to be country-tinged. That's no bad thing, I guess!

ttng - 'sponkulus nodge'

No idea what the title refers to but it's a hell of a tune.

tift merritt - 'something came over me'

Echoing the great female country singers of the 70s, Tift Merritt is a great talent.

nick cave and the bad seeds - 'bedazzled'

One of his more leftfield covers but nonetheless a cracker.

the hearing - 'too happy'

One of my big tips for the future and the lady in question deserves it too. 

islands - 'snowflake'


karen elson - 'distant shore'

This pushes all the right buttons with me right now.

big little lions - 'what if'

Great track.

nick drake - 'tow the line'

Always time for Nick Drake.

indian askin - 'island'

This was a great track from last year.

16 April 2017

the heliocentrics - 'made of the sun'

Got to love the Heliocentrics.

low roar - 'bones'

The new album promises to be very good indeed if this is anything to go by.

little dragon - 'sweet'

Their new album has some very strong tunes on it, this being one. Love it.

14 April 2017

monk and canatella - 'forthcoming'

One of the founding fathers of the Bristol trip-hop sound, Monk and Canatella stil sound as fresh as ever.